Butcher to You

Terms & Conditions

Before placing an order with us, either online or in person, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions. By placing an order with Butcher to You, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The prices displayed at the point of sale are regularly updated and subject to change. We reserve the right to modify our product catalogue, prices and available quantities from time to time at our discretion.
  2. We regularly update our product catalogue so that it reflects current stock availability. However, if an advertised product is unavailable, we will refund the cost. We do not substitute unavailable products unless it is by request. If a product is less than the advertised weight, we will refund the difference.
  3. Our website contains images to provide an indication of product appearance. Meat is a natural product. We do not make any representation or provide any warranty about the appearance of products that you purchase from us.
  4. Any additional ingredients contained in meat products (for example, marinades) are listed on the individual product page. We make every effort to prevent cross-contamination but provide no guarantee that our products do not contain traces of allergens.
  5. The collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy as set out on our Privacy page.
  6. Our delivery and click and collect services are governed by the terms and conditions set out on our Delivery & Collection page.
  7. If you wish to cancel an order and receive a refund prior to collection or delivery, you must provide 3 days’ notice. We understand that sometimes plans change and you may be unable to accept delivery or collect your order. If you wish to cancel your order within 3 days of delivery or collection, we will work with you to reschedule the delivery, arrange delivery to an alternative location, or provide a credit. Special terms and conditions apply to Christmas orders. This page will be updated with those terms and conditions when we commence Christmas pre-orders.
  8. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your purchases and shopping experience. If you are dissatisfied with a product, we will either refund or replace it (other than where a product is left for an extended period or stolen following delivery - see our Delivery & Collection page, or where the product is stored inappropriately by you, or consumed after the use by date displayed on the packaging). We reserve the right to decline a request for a replacement or refund in these circumstances. Claims must be made within 7 days of delivery or collection. For health and safety reasons, we do not accept product returns and do not offer exchanges.